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A well-insulated construction is highly important, both in budget saving and environmental standpoints. Nowadays, when society demonstrates growing demand for comfortable living, the architects and builders must comply with strict national codes and standards aimed to refurbish the existing energy consumption system, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and increase energy efficiency in construction
BEETONN BLOX are used to build load-bearing (for max. 2 stores) and non load-bearing (without restrictions) walls in construction of all kinds of buildings. Due to its light weight, dimensional accuracy and excellent workability you can build walls quickly and with precision. 5,6 blocks (300mm Height) or 11,2 blocks (150mm Height) are enough to construct 1m² of wall of any thickness
DOM Real Estate is the only open, relevant, and contingent real estate Cyprus database. Our goal is to make the local property market as transparent as possible. We want to provide a useful tool with a lot of features for buyers, tenants, property owners, and management companies