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    ● Minimum Investment from $300,000

    ● VVDevelopment’ Streamlined Turnkey Solution

    ● Within 24 hours, we shall conduct a preliminary assessment and gauge your prospects

    ● Among the Most Elite EU Golden Visas

    ● Approval in 6 months and ETIAS EU e-Visa exemption - Citizenship in 5 years

    ● Strong Rental Market For ROI

    ● Elite EU Tax Haven

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    Fast-track Residency in Cyprus for entire family through property investment from €300,000.

    The Cyprus Residency by Investment Program is the most assured route to acquiring a Permanent Resident Permit for a European country in just 6 months with no physical presence required.

    Cyprus Residency Benefits

    Cyprus Residency by Investment Program enables foreign investors to obtain a Cypriot permanent residence permit (PRP) in just 6 months through a property purchase from €300,000 (plus VAT). The property should be a first-time sale and may comprise of up to two housing units which must be purchased from the same developer. Once the PRP has been granted, applicants are required to visit Cyprus within 1 year to submit their biometrics data for issuance of their PR card, and should not be absent for more than 2 years. Cyprus Residency can be used as a first step towards Cyprus Citizenship. This can be acquired in 5 years, provided all the requirements are met.


    Processing of application within 6 months


    Property purchase with no government contributions


    Main applicant, spouse, dependent children up to 25 years, parents and parents in law


    Applicants must visit Cyprus once for biometric submission.


    It is not necessary to reside in Cyprus but PR holders must not be absent for more than 2 years


    No worldwide dividends, interest and income tax. No tax on gains. No inheritance tax


    Suitable apartments, villas and houses qualifying for the program


    Safe and highly profitable investments, with potential profit from letting your property


    "Insurance policy" in the case of economic or political stability.


    The application can be processed in the applicant’s absence and filed on their behalf


    Cyprus PR holders may apply for citizenship in 5 years if all the conditions have been met


    Mild climate, beautiful scenery and beaches, with 320 days a year of sunshine

    Visa-free travel and enhanced global mobility

    Experience seamless travel and enhanced global mobility with the Cyprus Residency by Investment program. By utilizing this initiative as a starting point for pursuing citizenship on the island, individuals can significantly improve their freedom of movement. Cyprus passport holders benefit from visa-free access to over 173 countries, including the EU and UK. Furthermore, individuals holding a Cyprus Permanent Residency (PR) can conveniently apply for a Schengen visa, facilitating travel across Europe.

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    Investment Requirements

    To be eligible for the Cyprus Permanent Residency by Investment program, candidates must invest in a first-time sale residential property or property set(s) totaling at least €300,000 (plus VAT, if applicable). It's important to note that "first-time sale" refers to new properties purchased directly from a property development company and does not apply to resales.

    Main requirements

    ● Purchase of first-time residential property worth over €300,000 (plus VAT).

    ● Applicants may buy a combination of real estate projects:

    1. one apartment or house;

    2. two apartments are two houses or a combination of each;

    3. one apartment/house and one commercial shop/warehouse;

    4. one apartment/house and one office.

    ● The property must be brand new; no resale property would qualify.

    ● Property should be purchased from the developer who built the property.

    ● The Contract of Sale must be officially filed at the Cyprus Department of Lands and Surveys.

    ● The property can be purchased by a company registered under the applicant’s name or jointly under the applicant and spouse. Applicant / spouse must be sole shareholders.

    ● The property can be rented out.

    Additional requirements

    ● Applicants should provide supporting evidence of secure annual income from abroad of at least €50,000. Income is increased by €15,000 for the spouse,€10,000 for each minor child of the applicant and/or his/her spouse.

    ● Applicants should have no intention to undertake any employment in Cyprus. They can own a business registered in Cyprus and receive dividends from this business.

    ● Applicants must have a clean criminal record and should not be in the list of persons whose property is frozen by the EU as a result of sanctions.

    ● Applicants must visit Cyprus within 1 year of the date of the PRP to provide biometrics for issuance of PR card. All family members are required to visit Cyprus once every two years.

    ● PR holders may have their PRP revoked if they are granted permanent residence in another country.

    The process of obtaining a residence permit in Cyprus

    Our company focuses on providing a seamless and smooth service, assisting you at every stage of the property purchase and residency application process. The entire process is efficiently managed by the best professionals in the industry. We efficiently carry out all procedures on your behalf with professional expertise and years of experience.

    Initial Consultation Advisers and Property Viewings and Property purchase

    Our immigration consultants will provide a comprehensive assessment of your situation and guide you through the entire immigration programme. They will assist you in gathering and reviewing the necessary documents as well as creating a list of investment properties that meet your needs and fulfil the program's requirements.

    Once a personalised property list has been prepared, we encourage applicants to visit Cyprus and view their preferred properties. Our consultants will oversee the purchase process to ensure it is smooth and secure. They will also assist you in fulfilling additional requirements, such as opening a bank account in Cyprus to deposit your fixed deposit.

    By offering expertise and support throughout the consultation and property purchase stages, our immigration consultants aim to make the process hassle-free and help you achieve your immigration goals.

    3–4 DAYS

    Visit Cyprus to view properties

    Document Preparation and Submitting your application

    You will be provided with a detailed checklist and you will be taken through the document collection stage. Experienced immigration consultants will check all supporting documents to ensure that they meet all requirements.

    A complete application for a residence permit together with all supporting documents is submitted to the Department of Civil Registration and Migration. A decision is made within six months.

    3–4 DAYS


    Application Approval

    Once the application is reviewed and approval is granted, you will be issued with an immigration certificate.

    The Cyprus Residency by Investment Program is the most assured route to acquiring a Permanent Resident Permit for a European country in just 6 months with no physical presence required.

    6 MONTHS

    Processing time

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    Cyprus Properties to Invest in


    Modern, ecological and energy efficient apartments.


    ITHAKA HOME located in fastly developing area of Larnaca district close to highway

    ● 17 km to Larnaca Airport

    ● 2 km to public beach

    ● 13 km to Larnaca city centre

    from 302 000€


    Each apartment has a separate entrance and private lawn or veranda

    Fitted kitchen, wardrobes and sanitary ware.